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AES Universal Flasher/Galletto v2 - Novembar 2012 Update

Price: 149.99

Minimum quantity for "AES Universal Flasher/Galletto v2 - Novembar 2012 Update" is 1.

This product is electronically distributed.

Unlock your original device or EU clone and use our, one of latest software releases. New software release brings lot of new ECUs supported, but before update, you should know:

1. Our customers who bought AES Universal Flasher have discount. Please contact us for details.
2. This update works only on EU clones or original device with 48 and bellow firmware versions.
3. PCR2.1 read/write is possible, but only if ECU is previously unlocked.

1. Generating new license can take up to 48h. So be patient.
2. Use FTReadWrite software available in Attachments to read FTDI dump. Upload that dump with order.